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Well that appears to have been the least painful move of all time thanks to the behind the scenes efforts to get the music library installed at our new home at the West Maldon Community Centre in Sunbury Way, Maldon. Nothing (and nobody) seems to have got lost and we are now enjoying much more space, air-conditioning and a car park right outside the door. Superb! We are delighted to announce that Will Allen has been officially appointed to the Management Committee. Being one of the younger members of the Orchestra, it is hoped that he will be able to represent their views to the Management Committee and help us to build for the future. We have chosen to support the Salvation Army in all the


We were sad last night to say goodbye to our old home at the Quakers Meeting House in Maldon but are delighted to be moving to our new home in the West Maldon Community Centre, Sunbury Way, Maldon CM9 6YH. Our new home has much more space to grow and welcome new members, air conditioning and a FREE car park right outside the door.

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