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It was a cold, wet and windy Friday evening in May that saw the return of the Orchestra. We filled the West Maldon Community Centre with 24 very enthusiastic musicians, added in some excellent music and a well-rested Music Director and the result was just incredible. Some of our players hadn't been in rehearsals since the pandemic started in March 2020 so it was a delight to see them fit and well.

Socially-distanced within their own imaginary 2m bubbles, our players serenaded each other with such wonders sas The Surprise Symphony, Blue Ridge Reel, Take Five and the Prelude to the 49th Parallel. A magic number of 27 was calculated as the maximum number that we could accommodate safely within the space and our aim is to use the space to its full potential every week until Christmas.

We are all hoping for the 2m social distancing to be removed with Step 4 in June as that will allow the two halves of the Orchestra to rejoin as one but until then, this will have to do.


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