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Annual General Meeting 2022

On Friday May 20th 2022 we held our AGM only six months after the last one in an effort to bring them back inline with their usual annual date. I am delighted to say that the current members of our Management Committee were happy to continue in their posts for another year and were duly re-elected. Our Treasurer, Graham Snow read his report and our Chair, Anne Bellett presented her statement which is reproduced here below.

I would like to welcome the new members who have joined the Orchestra since our last AGM and thank every member of the Maldon Orchestra who have regularly attended the rehearsals during such a difficult time, adhering to the Committee's safety advice, keeping the venue and members as safe as possible.

A special thank you goes to our setting up crew.

After the last Covid lockdown, we re-started full rehearsals on the 22nd May 2021. Attendance varied between 15 to 43, averaging at 30. We now have 54 paid up Orchestra members, which is amazing!

We only have one concert to look back on which was a Christmas concert at the Maldon United

Reformed Church, jointly enjoyed as much by the players and the audience. This concert raised £415 for the Church. We were also pleased to donate £600 to the Wickford branch of the Salvation Army. We do have two concerts in the diary for this year, so perhaps life is gradually returning to normal.

I would like to give special thanks to Ron, Belinda and Graham for keeping us challenged with plenty of new music, by writing all the parts to give us a balanced sound using all the different instruments we have in the Orchestra, printing these parts and binding them into individual folders.

Our music library is vast and by using Ron's remarkable website, any piece of music can be accessed by each individual member. The Orchestra has achieved so much giving a unique opportunity for adult musicians of all abilities to play together for themselves and others. So a BIG thank you to everyone who helps us to achieve this.

Anne Bellett



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